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Traditional Board size Medium

Unmatched Craftsmanship

Is there anything worse than a rough, fuzzy food board that could splinter a guest? They're impossible to clean and can leave particulates in your beautiful food spread. Our boards are handcrafted, INSANELY smooth and, easy to clean! It's what sets us miles apart from the rest. You'll never find a board better crafted than ours. This Traditional Board (above) is a favorite.

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All shapes and sizes

Charcuterie needs vary from person to person and party to party. We get that, truly. Whether you need a lazy susan at a table for 4, or a board that will hold enough food for dozens of people- we have plenty of sizes and options for you. We even have items crafted from wine barrels, like this Stave Board above. Everything is food safe, handcrafted, and built to last.

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All you need is oil

If you're asking yourself how complicated caring for one of our boards will be, let me reassure you about how simple it is. IT'S SO SIMPLE anyone can do it. All you need is some mineral oil. We prefer the Howard brand, like the picture above, but any will do. We've put together a blog post all about this topic - come & see how easy it is.

Care Instructions

lazy susans

all of them are FOOD SAFE

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