4-1-1 on Personalization

everything you need to know about personalizing your order ...

  •   There is a $50 price difference between all products that are personalized vs NOT personalized.
  •   There is NO limit on the amount of characters you can have us engrave. Each piece can say as much or as little as you'd like. 

  • The text is engraved into the wood with a very precise laser. It will not ever fade or wear out.
  •  Personalizing always carries a lead time – The current lead time for personalized orders is 2-4 weeks. In-stock items that are not personalized typically ship within 2-4 business days. If you need to receive your order by a certain date, please email us (sales@goodtimberfurnishings.com) or text us (713-899-3253) to confirm if we can accommodate your request.
  • The templates are a guide to formatting, but feel free to add or omit text or lines to any one of them. Just be clear in the text box or send an email.


template 1

"Meredith & Derek"

By default, we always put an ampersand between these two names and they are always on the same line.
If you want something different, just make sure to let us know.
If you choose to have a date or anything else, it will be in the same cursive font. 
Upper Case template 1lower case template 1


template 2


The first line is always ALL CAPS and the line underneath is cursive - unless requested otherwise.

  • It can say whatever you'd like - doesn't have to be a date. 


template 3

  • The top line of this template has a font that is only available in all caps.
  •  Line 2 is in cursive and centered.
  • The last line is in the same font and size as the top line.
  • Any of this can be moved around, but these are the defaults.

Template 3 Sample



 template 4


This template is elegant in its simplicity. A cursive last name and contrasting block letter date. 

Seinfeld template 4 upper_______________________________________________________________________

 Template 5


  • Trendy, youthful cursive font centered on the board.
  • The block lettering underneath is aligned to the right of the line above.
  • Third line matches the second block letters.