You've got questions and we'd love to help!


How long does it take to get an item personalized?

  • Personalizing always carries a lead time – The current lead time for personalized orders is 4 weeks. In-stock items that are not personalized typically ship within 2 business days. If you need to receive your order by a certain date, please either email us (sales@goodtimberfurnishings.com) or text us (713-899-3253) to confirm if we can accommodate your request.

How do I care for my board or susan?

  • It is simple!!! See this blog post for all the details.

Where are these products made?

  • Our products are handcrafted by Kisha and Chris (the owners) in Texas. We have a woodshop full of tools, wine barrels and lumber where we spend tons of time together working and handcrafting as many boards, susans and products as we can. We love it. Our boys love all the access to scraps and hand tools.

Do you have storefront I can visit?

  • We did have a storefront for 3 years in Waco, Texas. We loved having our store! We decided that a location closer to Houston would be wonderful and allowed our lease to expire. We had full intentions of being in Houston by March 2020, however, due to COVID-19, we have experienced some delays in the transition. Currently, our only pick up location is at our wood shop in Waco. We will keep things updated on social media after our new location is up and running.

Can I cut on my charcuterie board?

  • Our charcuterie boards were not designed as cutting boards. However, we have found that many customers have happily cut on one side and served on the other. Any knife or sharp object will absolutely leave cut marks. It's a bummer but that is what happens with all wood products. Bottom line, use it however you'd like! Just know that we are currently working on some cutting boards that could be available soon!

Can I send you a logo to engrave?

  • Sorry, we do not do logos at this time. But you can engrave any amount of text that you'd like. 

What if I need to change the spelling or date of the engraving I ordered?

  • Hey, it happens! If you notice an error please email us right away as all changes need to be made in writing. We will reply right away letting you know we received the changes. When we catch them early, they are simple to fix. Once products have been engraved or even shipped, then things get complicated. We will see where we are in the process when we receive your notification email.

 What if I enter the wrong shipping address? Or if my package gets stolen? Or if it arrives too late?

  • We completely understand that people are human and make mistakes. We do too! If you provide an inaccurate shipping address, and we have not shipped your order yet, just simply shoot us an email and we can update your order. If you decide to have it shipped to another location after the order is placed, then we can update that too. If the order has already shipped, it is up to you to figure out with UPS. As harsh as it sounds, it is not our responsibility to correct any inaccurate information. ShipStation validates shipping addresses and we will not send any packages to invalid addresses. Sadly some packages get stolen. Absolutely report that! If we can help, we will. There have been very few cases where shipments have arrived past an agreed time. Please call us immediately and we will make it right.