Selecting a color for your piece is a big decision. I hope this information will help you! It’s important to know that different species of wood take stain differently. While we consistently use the same stain techniques, you should know that there is a degree of tolerance between products, especially when crafting with reclaimed materials. our pieces are full of character and charm.

note: With only a few exceptions, all of our pieces, regardless of stain color, are finished with either a wax or a matte urethane.


samples of midnight stain

Midnight is the darkest color we offer. I like to refer to it as dark chocolate. We lighten the lazy susans that are ordered in MIDNIGHT so you can read the logos, engravings, and brandings that are on the top of them. Even still, there remains a lot of black hues and coloring in the wood grain. Midnight also covers up most of, if not all, the wine staining that can be present on wine barrel products. Also, the darker the stain, the darker the bands come out. Midnight is one of our most popular colors!


samples of weathered stain

If Midnight is dark chocolate, then Weathered is milk chocolate. It’s a warm brown - complimentary to light or dark surfaces. The bands come out more silver with the WEATHERED stain - opposed to the darker bands from MIDNIGHT stain.


samples of vintage

Vintage is a very warm, rich, honey like color. As you can see, it has tones of yellow. It looks fantastic on a lazy susan that would be placed on a dark table or surface. The wine stain is very noticeable on barrel products such as finished barrels, vanities, wall sconces or candle holders. Again, still plenty of variation between the different products which means lots of character.


samples of natural - no stain