Wine Barrel Vanity

Wine Barrel Vanity

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Our Wine Barrel Vanity is a perfect example of the level of quality GoodTimber stands behind. The doors are hung perfectly – even spacing, solid and rigid. The cut and installation of the sink and faucet is also flawless. The sink is round, deep, made of hammered copper and is included with the vanity along with the oil-rubbed bronze pump-style faucet. Some folks have their own faucet - that’s cool, its NOT mandatory - but is available if you wanted! The interior of the vanity does not include a shelf so it does not interfere with the installation of the plumbing. In order to install the plumbing, a hole may be needed to be drilled in the back of the vanity to accommodate the placement of plumbing pipes - easily done. The vanity depth, from the wall to the front of the cabinet doors is 27”. Wine barrels are wider in the center than at the top. Because of this, the belly of the barrel in the back will touch the wall before the top of the barrel will, leaving a small gap between the wall and the top of the barrel. For many, this method and look is perfect! See Flush Cut Option below for a more built in look OR if there is a door clearance issue.


Flush Cut Option: If 27” is too deep for you to use in your bathroom, then you have the option to have us cut the bilge, the round part off of the back of the barrel for you. This will allow for you to shave 2 ” inches off the back of the vanity and changes the depth to 25” from the wall to the door fronts. This allows for greater door clearance. Others simply may prefer the Flush Cut look more so that the vanity sits flush against the wall – this would then be an aesthetic preference. This option will satisfy the access needed to plumb the piece.Whether it is a logistical need and / or an aesthetic look you prefer, this is an optional cut available. Flush Cut Fee is $200.

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