Wine Barrel

Wine Barrel


We source all our retired wine barrels from California wine country. They’re crafted from French and American Oak. Wine Barrels vary a bit in look depending on the cooper aka the barrel maker. Each cooper has his / her own way of crafting. This is usually most noticeable when observing the tops, the markings upon each top, and the stave end profile (the lip created at the top of each barrel). Each barrel stands approximately 37” tall and approximately 27” wide at the belly. Most of the barrels we use and sell have 6 bands (galvanized rings), but occasionally, we come across some with 8. These bands do not rust! Each barrel has a bung hole in the center of the barrel belly for filling and emptying the barrels. This commonly leads to some wine stain, runs, and drips on the outside of the barrel which is usually centralized near and around the bung hole. Each barrel holds approximately 59 gallons.

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